A Movement In Water


Although I had been a photographer for more than twenty-five years, I never photographed nature. It always seemed too perfect and too sacred to capture. For me to make an image that would be a worthy reflection of creation seemed impossible. More than that, I was never inspired to photograph nature – it never showed me how to look at it creatively. Having lived in New York and Los Angeles, I had always been fascinated by the creativity and activity of human nature. The natural world was for breathing in, a vast landscape of atmosphere I knew not how to penetrate.

Spending time in desert thermal springs under the blazing sun, shimmering in the arid winds, I was transformed by the water and began shooting. Ultra close-up. No context. Completely abstract. From there, I began to photograph water wherever I went – Bali, Brazil, Bosnia, the Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls, the Zambezi, the Atlantic, Pacific, Mediterranean, water falls, canals, creeks, pools, hot springs.

These lush abstractions of water are meant to inspire reflection and harmony in the midst of the turmoil of ultra-modern society.

Learn more about the evolution of the project at amovementinwater.com.