Art of the pendulum


Inspired by the use of the pendulum for divination, these images are combinations of polar concepts and photographic abstractions of nature.

These works grew out of my documentation of my decision-making and a discovery of the intricate radiance of the natural world. I was always scribbling my day-to-day choices – Yes or No, Now or Later, Go or Stay. I began to use a pendulum to help me determine the truth in everything, testing its accuracy and becoming engrossed by the results. During this time, I started to notice the beauty of nature in its infinite details. So, I photographed it in the same way – in extreme close-up. As these practices converged, I let my stream of consciousness combine my photographs with my questions. Along this path, I was led to the profoundest of inquiries: how does one discern between the inner voice of the divine and the inner voice of the willful ego? Thus the image, “Who’s Speaking? God or Ego”, was created.

After the September 11 terrorist attacks, I had the idea to billboard that question all over the world, to provoke people to question in whose names wars are fought and atrocities are committed. This idea has grown into an international art project of posters and billboards, along with a video I am producing in which spiritual leaders are asked how they make the discernment between the voice of god and the voice of their ego.

This work has manifested itself in several ways. The images have been produced as The Art of the Pendulum and The Pocket Pendulum, a series of art cards in two kits, containing instructional booklets and small pendulums. They have been made into a portfolio box with seven images backed on aluminum and suede, with a pendulum made of precious stone, as well as a multimedia installation with elegant pedestals holding large brass pendulums for the participant to use over images in Astroturf and other materials.